Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ruroc Snowboard Helmet

Ruroc Snowboard Helmet

The Ruroc line of helmets is amazing. They look, feel and are truly ahead of the pack when it comes to helmets. British based Ruroc has been providing top of the line full face protection since 2006. Leading the way when it comes to helmet technology.
Ruroc’s patented helmet has even been modified specifically for F1 pit crew use, used by the likes of McLaren, Red Bull and more.

 Out on the slopes, snowboarders around the world turn to Ruroc for the distinctive look of combined mask, goggle and helmet the Ruroc RG-1 offers. The Ruroc helmet comes with Italian made, dual-panel lenses and 180° field vision goggles. The Ruroc RG-1 helmet uses one of a kind antifog technology to channel air through the helmet for perfect vision and comfort. The combined mask, goggles and helmet leaves no area exposed, keeping you at the top of your riding in even the most extreme conditions.

The Ruroc RG-1 Helmet

Each Ruroc RG-1 Helmet system is supplied in a protective outer cardboard box with following contents: Inner branded packaging, helmet, internal fitting pads, clip in mask, Ruroc HG-1 goggles, protective plastic bags, goggle bag, stickers, keyring and instruction manual.

Ruroc RG-1 Antifog Technology

Ruroc RG-1 Snowboard Helmet AeroFlow

The Ruroc AeroFlow system keeps your head cool, your face warm and your goggles fog free! Ruroc's unique Helmet, Goggle and Mask combine to keep the weather out and help remove excess heat.